That Reading Life

How do you organize your TBR?

I have several methods for organizing the To Be Read list/pile. The fact that I say “list/pile” should give you a hint about where I’m going with this.

My TBR Shelf

Shelfie photo

But first I’ll take a shelfie

My most basic method for keeping track of my TBR is this shelf. It’s in my bedroom. It contains a collection of books I’ve received as gifts or of which I have otherwise obtained physical copies. It looks very organized here, but that’s only because I gussied it up for this photo. It’s usually in some state of disarray as is the rest of my life.

The TBR Pile

Some of those books have migrated to the pile below. Some are in other piles. I am a fan of piles.

The Wish Lists

The Amazon Wish Lists are my life. That is where I keep track of every book I’ve heard of that I want to read. The wish lists are all private and are divided as follows:


What I’m going to read next? Maybe?

Shannon’s to-read list (fiction, memoir, children’s)
Nonfiction to read
YA to read
Series to try

Clearly, I like keeping track of shit.

The Library List

If I see a book I must absolutely read no matter what, I add it to a google doc titled “Libes.” That means that I will either put those books on hold or pick them up next time I’m at the library.

I do buy books, but not with the fervor of Past Shannon. I have a stocked home library, plus the aforementioned shelves and piles, so I am not necessarily in the business of amassing books at the moment. (Trust me, it won’t last long.)

Plus, I’m a diehard library patron. DID YOU KNOW THEY HAVE FREE BOOKS?

In Conclusion…

Essentially, I like to be surrounded by books at all times and my hobbies include, but are not limited to: talking about books, reading about new books, making lists of books, sorting books into piles, openly admiring a library shelf for the many varied volumes it contains, and, you know, actually reading books. Luckily, I’ve found other people on the internet who have the same issues hobbies, so I don’t feel like a kook.

So, how do you keep track of the books you want to read? Or do you rely entirely on serendipity?*

*I’ve found some of my favorite books by browsing the library shelves with no agenda.


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