Fun bookish links 3/9/18

Heeey-ay…I’ve barely had time to read any book news this week, which hurts my heart. But I’ve got a few links for ya’ anyway. What’s everybody reading this weekend? I’m working on Yellow Crocus (historical fiction) and How to Read a Dressa history of the dress, essentially, and I am geeking out over it.

On to the links!

  • The blogoshpere is all abuzz with the Tournament of Books, which I’ve never really followed before. I may this year but not many of the selections interest me, tbh. How about you? Any of these on your TBR? And should I read The Animators? I can’t decide.
  • A fun piece on Hilary Mantel. I’ve only read Wolf Hall, which I didn’t love. I need to pick up some of her other stuff.
  • Have you read The Alienist? If so, are you watching it?
  • Why are we still talking about this yahoo? Also, lol to this quote: One local LGBTQ rights activist told the newspaper that the book should be renamed Kim Davis’ Cost to Kentucky Taxpayers, pointing to the reported $222,695 in legal fees from the clerk’s case. 
  • Ok, I’ve really petered out here….

Poor showing on the links today. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. I def need one.


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