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50 things I love about my spouse: a cheesy Valentine’s Day ode


The man himself on his birthday

Guys, I know it’s cheesy and not at all book related, but I can’t help myself. I reeeally appreciate my husband and Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to shower him with affection.

So, following is a list of things I love about my husband. Some of them are about his personality, some are about our relationship, and some are about, specifically, how good he is to me and our little family.


1. He’s kind and always tries to give people the benefit of the doubt (trust me, I would know).

2. I can write him emails with random thoughts and he happily follows me down the tangent.

3. Also on the topic of emails, he thinks up witty or sometimes just silly subject lines that we use over and over—e.g., Thirsty Thorsday, ICBIOFT (I Can’t Believe it’s Only Fucking Tuesday).

4. We can trade emails all day, every workday.

5. He takes the time to express approbation of my silly paper crafts and random artsy creations even though they’re not particularly of interest to him.


Not partying, but at the local watering hole, just hanging out

6. We party really well together. 😀 Have since college, for better or for worse, and I hope we never grow out of it.

7. He speaks my love language, which is Chinese food and Netflix.

8. He endeavors to bring a balanced perspective to any scenario and the older he’s gotten, the more insightful he’s gotten. That’s helpful for a black-and-white thinker like yours truly. Up is up and down is down to me, but apparently, there’s this thing called balance? Idk.

9. That beard tho

10. Reading seems as intrinsic to his existence as it is to mine and that gives us so much to talk about.

11. He also really likes going to the library.

12. He stays up too late talking with our son just because they enjoy hanging out together.

13. He does most of the shoveling.


A+ dad with his A+ kid in the UP; Lake Superior in the background

14. He is 6’4, ladies. Tall guys, amirite? Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes on Google Android 9.0

15. He goes to the Indy 500 every year and watches the race.

16. When I ask him if he’ll crack my back, he wraps his arms around me and squeezes and it’s like this really cozy orthopedic hug.

17. He’s a big friend whore. Honestly, loyalty is of the utmost importance to him, so if you are close to him, you know he cares about you.

18. Again, he’s a big friend whore. He’s the extrovert this relationship needs. We refer to him as “hopelessly sociable” and also Head of the Social Committee. If I were in charge of the social committee, we’d have no friends because I am hopelessly introverted. One time he said, “In high school I always just wanted to hang out with my friends and I guess that’s still the case.” What a guy.

19. He puts up with my introvert tendencies and heads out without me if I feel the need to hibernate, which is, admittedly, pretty often.

20. He’s taught me to go easier on myself. I don’t have to rush or be perfect. Progress, not perfection. He models this for me and encourages me to follow suit.

21. We can decide to stay in and still have the most fun just having cocktails on the couch and listening to music. He doesn’t mind when I accidentally drink four rum-and-diets and go to bed early.


Cocktails on the couch or a grand adventure – he’s up for either

22. He wheels the trash and recycling to the curb and back every damn week.

23. He pretty much paid for our whole lives up until I got out of debt for the last terrible time a few months ago. I mean, I contribute to the household and am responsible for certain shared bills as well as child-related expenses, but he kept us afloat from the time we moved in together to basically now. In addition, he pays for endless meals out, plane tickets, hotel stays, whole Christmases, you name it. What I’m saying is, he’s generous with his money and he’s generous with me, and that just makes me feel so loved.

24. He loves to travel as much as I do.

25. He’s way smarter than I’ll ever be. He used to tutor in calculus, people. I literally do not even know what calculus is and I am 38 years-old.


At a hockey game – he sometimes has to explain sports to me too

26. He’s a thoughtful parent and a great dad to Jacob. There are no scary, knee-jerk, classic DAD reactions. When something goes wrong, we discuss it and decide on a plan of action. He’s fair and forgiving, and I think Jacob is all the better for it.

27. He smiles and waves at people who smile and wave at him from a car going by even if he doesn’t know who it was because, he says, “I’d rather be weird to strangers than accidentally rude to friends.”

28. He loves the UP as much as I do. Every year we have to decide between a totally new adventure and camping in the UP, and that really tells you what a special place it has become for our little family.

29. He knows about cars. I know nothing about cars and don’t care to and when my car is in the shop, the repairs have to be explained to me like I am a 1950s housewife who went from her father’s house to her husband’s (which, I actually did) and has never heard of feminism before because I just do not get it. He’s pretty patient with me on that front.

30. He always heats up soup on the stove.

31. Notre Dame football games can make him legitimately emotional.

32. When I come up with a hair-brained scheme, he supports me.

33. He has roughly a thousand nicknames for me and uses them all. The most enduring are probably “Shan-star” and “Shan-bad,” both from the Strong Bad internet cartoons.

34. He is nice to people who come up to him on the street and ask him for money.


“I’m allergic to cats though, sorry bro”

35. He didn’t really care about getting a dog, but now he and Artemis totally have their “thing.” She probably treasures his love the most out of all of us because his was earned, whereas Jake and I fell in love right away.

36. He has, like, two pairs of work pants and that’s enough for him, you know?

37. He’s funny.

38. He laughs at my jokes.

39. He and I celebrate occasions (like Valentine’s Day, our anniversary, etc.) but they don’t have to be this big whopping deal with presents and stuff and there’s something really nice and low-key about that. It’s very stress-free.

40. He’s a walker. He’ll walk wherever whenever if the weather isn’t disgusting.

41. He appreciates it when I do things that contribute to the household (chores and whatnot) and thanks me when he notices me doing them.

42. He literally picked up a stranded hitchhiker yesterday and took her to the toll road and told her how to get where she was going. I ask you.

43. He’s rarely negative and when he is, he fixes it rather quickly. (A real foil to his mercurial spouse.)

44. He dances with me at weddings.


Dancing at our own wedding

45. He curates thematic playlists.

46. He talks about interesting things – books, art, music, history, movies, whatever. It’s one of the ways we connect and I love being able to talk things to bits with him.

47. When he was a kid, his parents took him to a museum and he loved a giant bear sculpture so much that his parents bought him a miniature replica. Because bears are awesome.

48. He hasn’t changed his Facebook profile pic since I created his profile in 2008.

49. He knows the lyrics to every song he’s ever heard. Ditto the script of every movie he’s every seen. 😉

50. He is my person and I couldn’t get through life without him.

You guys are lucky I stopped here. I could easily go to 100. Love you, huns!


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