Friday Fives

Friday Fives

Happy Friday! It’s been a pretty mundane week, but I finished one book and started another, so I call it a win.

What I’m Watching:

Yesterday, I discovered these short BBC videos titled “The funny thing about…” Great format and they address some interesting topics.

Otherwise, I’ve now actually subscribed to BritBox and have continued the delightful Gardener’s World.

Atomic Habits by James ClearWhat I’m Reading: 

This week I finished Help Me! by Marianne Power (blog post to come) and started the much buzzed about Atomic Habits by James Clear. Got a copy from the library and liked it so much that I’ve ordered my own so I can mark it up with notes and highlights.

What I’m Listening to:

Not much of anything this week, I’m afraid. The weather has been rainy and cold, so I haven’t been walking home, which is when I usually listen to audiobooks and podcasts.

studionotenotebookWhat I’m Making: 

Crafts for some friends’ baby shower and that’s about it. I didn’t even work on my puzzle this week. Maybe it’s the weather. I’m too tired and curmudgeonly. I do continue to journal though and this week I was pleased to receive a new notebook I ordered, the Studio Note Tamoe River Notebook by Nanami Paper. It’s 480 pages of grid-paper goodness that lays flat when you write in it. The paper is fountain-pen friendly, which means I may have to treat myself to one of those too.

What I’m Loving: 

This lovely garden blog: Tangly Cottage Garden Journal

I’m hoping to be inspired to get my act together with our outdoor space. We just had a giant red oak removed because it was trying to push into our roof, so that was step one. I have a whole border flower garden planned out and I may be able to piecemeal some of it together this year, but we’re also shoveling money into painting our house, so…

Giant stump (and Jacob’s shadow)


Trunk on a truck in our driveway, plus the stumps of three small (diseased) trees that were also removed.


It’ll all come together in the end, right?…RIGHT?!


The house is slightly more finished than this now. The triangle at the top and all other sides have yet to see paint.

Tell me what you’re up to/into lately! ❤ 🙂


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