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Bingeworthy British Television

I consider myself something of an Anglophile, so when my favorite book blogger Sarah Cords sent me her book, Bingeworthy British Television: The Best Brit TV You Can’t Stop Watching, written with Jackie Bailey, I. was. stoked.

If you, like me, have dipped your toes into British TV via Acorn or just Netflix, and if you, like me, read encyclopedias for fun as a kid, you are in for a real treat. 

This is a quintessential guide to the British TV shows you have and haven’t heard about. My reading life is about to suffer…

The book is organized in sections by type of show: comedies, dramas, historical dramas, etc. Each 2-ish page entry focuses on one show, gives a synopsis, and talks about “Why It’s Bingeworthy.” There’s even a little trivia section and then the authors tell you “What to Binge on Next.”

img_20190630_105455298 img_20190630_105533156

Honestly, one of my favorite things about the book is the little asides written by Jackie Bailey, a real life British person (lol) who gives us insight into watching television as a British citizen. If you don’t live in England, you may not know, for example, that: 

Every household in the UK that watches or records television is required, by law, to purchase a TV license. This currently costs £150.50 (about $200) per year. This money is used to fund the BBC and means that all BBC channels (on television and radio) are broadcast without any adverts.

I love the little peek into life in the UK. And I highly recommend the book if you have an interest in British TV. Also, Sarah runs The Great British TV Site, so check that out.

Do you have any favorite British shows? So far, I have loved Doc Martin, Gardener’s World, and, of course, Downton Abbey.



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