Friday Fives

Friday Fives

And because I’m such a good blogger this week, I’ve got a Friday Fives post comin’ atcha!

Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby

Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby

What I’m Watching:

I finished up a series of Gardener’s World via BritBox and next up is a thorough spooky movie watch list for October:
-Rosemary’s Baby (So good.)
-The Omen
-The Conjuring
-Amityville Horror, old and new
-Paranormal Activity
-Psycho (I’ve never seen it!)
-Practical Magic
-The Turn of the Screw (starring Michelle Dockery of Downton Abbey fame)

41150394What I’m Reading:

Ok, don’t judge: The Family Next Door: The Heartbreaking Imprisonment of the Thirteen Turpin Siblings and Their Extraordinary Rescue.

I have to find out what the deal is with these people. So far, it seems the parents come from a family of incestuous religious zealots. Ick. Those poor children.

29927840What I’m Listening to:

Excellent Women by Barbara Pym, narrated by none other than Jayne Entwistle. It is delightful! I just discovered Pym and plan to read her novel Quartet in Autumn. Isn’t it fun to discover new-to-you authors? And even better when you love them.

What I’m Making: 

Quite a bit, actually. I’ve just finished a Day of the Dead themed mantel at home, and I’ve been making a collaged postcard a day as part of the 100 Day Project. I’m late to the project and it’s officially over, but I’m still going to do 100. You can see them all here. 



Day of the Dead wreath and a favorite postcard

What I’m Loving: 

I could spend hours falling down the rabbit hole of the Five Books site, where they interview experts who recommend the five best books on a particularity topic.  Vikings, Sylvia Plath, World War II. It’s all there.

And that’s it for this Friday. Tell me what you’re into right now!


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